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Independent Strategy Evaluation

Are you a trader looking to increase the credibility of your strategy? Are you an investor who would like an independent opinion on an investment opportunity? Or are you a developer seeking advice on optimizing your strategy code?

Our analysts focus on testing systematic trading algorithms, both in simulation and under “live” trading conditions, to correctly evaluate the trading profit with respect to its risk. Computerized testing helps achieve accurate and precise measurement of this risk-reward trade-off. We have the intellectual and technological capital to subject strategies to this form of testing and interpret our findings in the form of an easy-to-understand report. We also house facilities to have your manual trading strategy coded into an automated algorithm.

Increased Credibility

Independent Opinion

Simplified Reports

Asset Raising & Allocation

Do you have a profitable trading history but do not have the time to invest in raising capital? Would you like access to a network of investor types that suit your investment opportunity?

Our introducer network includes partners from large financial hubs such as Zurich, but also includes many from other regions, spanning from Australia to Latin America. It is important to note that we will always conduct the first wave of due diligence before distributing amongst our partners. There are occasionally unallocated mandates and thus dormant funds that may also be allocated to your strategy should it suffice against our due diligence procedures.

There is also scope for us to assist you with legal and tax obligations that may arise as the result of increased assets under management.

Worldwide Access

Delegated Marketing

Reduced Due Diligence Burden

Regulatory Compliance

Are you unsure of the regulatory requirement in supplying the market with your investment product offering? Would you feel more comfortable outsourcing these ongoing efforts enabling you to focus on trading and marketing?

Having created our own technical and operational infrastructure from scratch, we are optimized to handle compliance administration. We focus on financial regulations of Switzerland, but have substantial knowledge of other jurisdictions such as the UK and mainland EU. Understanding your current or proposed deal structure will help us advise on tailoring your operational structure to best navigate through regulatory requirements. This may also involve complete outsourcing of legal entity incorporation, regulatory license application and daily compliance procedures.

Reduced Admin

Tailored Advice

Decreased Risk Exposure

Our Commitment to You

Our promise is to ensure that we provide the best experience and service levels possible on your journey with Vaulltix. To this aim, we need to get to know more about you and what it is you are looking for.


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