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Discretionary Managed Accounts

Our understanding of your investment objectives and risk appetite is at the center of our discretionary management service. Our strategy portfolios can accommodate a wide range of investment needs, including preference for regular income stream to optimization of account structure to maximize tax efficiency, timing concerns, pension planning and any ethical restrictions.

All investors are invited to complete an Investor Profile. We use this to establish suitable risk profiles and portfolio selection. We have internal guidelines for each risk tolerance but we can also accommodate wider risk bands, if agreed with the investor.

Our Bespoke service is customized to meet the needs of our high net worth clients with in excess of CHF 1 million to invest and who are looking for a higher degree of customization and require direct access to a dedicated investment manager. We will work closely with you and your advisers to ensure that they understand your portfolio requirements and that our flexible approach adapts as your personal circumstances evolve.

Flexible Terms & Structures

Bespoke Service

Professional Investment Team

Pension Fund Management

As you move through the various stages of your life, your financial requirements change. This is also true for your pension assets. We offer an investment service tailored to your current and future investment needs, ensuring your pension assets work as hard as possible for your future. Whether you require asset growth, preservation of assets as you approach retirement or generating a regular income to sustain your lifestyle post-retirement, we can help you.

If you currently have an occupational pension plan, or alternatively do not have a pension scheme at all, we can support you in establishing an investment vehicle such as a Self Invested Personal Pension. Our team has significant experience in setting up personal pension schemes and trusts, and can assist you throughout the entire process.

Increased Growth Rate

Tailored Income Extraction

Administration Support

Corporate Treasury

Our Corporate Treasury service works closely with your treasury department to identify opportunities to invest corporate funds to flexible financial investments. We leverage our in-house accounting experience gained from some of the world’s most prestigious and largest accounting firms to ensure that your company’s financial obligations are met throughout the investment process.

The service is aimed at reducing the time company funds are spent dormant or placed in money market instruments generating relative low levels of interest. Our investment vehicles not only provide a more streamlined process, but also incorporates a fast withdrawal process should you need to meet immediate financial obligations.

Invest Idle Cash

Fast Withdrawals

Improve Cashflow

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