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Offering Services for Global Cliental


We provide a complete and bespoke service to professionals, business owners, retirees and financial institutions.


Strategy Providers

Investment strategy providers benefit from our independent market-viability and regulatory assessments as well as capital-raising programs.

Our Services


Your funds will be invested by a professional money manager with reference to your objectives and risk profile.

  • Discretionary management service
  • Bespoke investment service
  • Pension and retirement planning
  • Corporate treasury
  • Immigration investment visas


We can allocate proprietary funds and raise third party investment capital for good investment strategies.

  • Independent strategy evaluation
  • Manager screening & vetting
  • Asset raising & allocation
  • Risk management
  • Compliance risk assessments


Your money manager will provide advice based upon your objectives and risk profile, but you make the final investment decisions.

  • Execution-only service
  • Research
  • Technology consulting
  • Tax planning
  • Offshore company formation

Investment Principles

Capital Preservation

Top of our agenda before any investment strategy is executed is preserving out client’s capital. Following strict internal guidelines, will not undertake any investments unless the expected return sufficiently compensates for the risk assumed. Our appetite for market risk is predetermined with our client’s input before trading commences.

Interest Alignment

We believe we should be compensated for the positive results we deliver and therefore present our fee structure accordingly. We simultaneously invest up to fifty percent of net performance fees received, alongside investor’s capital in demonstration of our commitment and belief in our investment solutions.


We always take a long-term view on the market and the strategies we deploy, regardless of whether or not we seek to capitalize on regular short-term market inefficiencies. Our priority is only on absolute growth of investor capital, in real terms, and we understand that this must be achieved consistently throughout various business cycles and market events.

Multi-Asset Solutions

Vaulltix is market and client-oriented, with a mandate to develop Multi-Asset alternative strategies and portfolios to help address specific client risk and return goals.

Designed to take advantage of a rapidly evolving investment landscape, we serve as a source of differentiated investment opportunities for our investors and as an innovative solution provider.

Our Commitment to You

Community members benefit from being part of a vetted group of like-minded individuals with access to premium resources, cutting-edge technology, and global opportunities.


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