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We are constantly seeking out interesting partnerships that will bring new and innovative services to our investor community.

Our Partnership Goals

From investment operations to immigration services, we leverage our strong relationships with leading professionals built over many years to bring a fully inclusive suite of services to our growing Investor Community. This partnership approach is designed to increase chances of success, lower the cost of market entry, reduce risk and to ensure that both parties are enthusiastic and passionate about working together.

We aim to build long term relationships with a range of different partners that can benefit from our first-class investment products, investor-base demographics, and our referral capabilities.

Partnership Selection

Our relationships with partners are supported by four fundamental qualities:

  • Service quality – expectations on how clients are treated, managed, and respected;
  • Ethics – we believe doing the right thing is always the right thing;
  • Uniqueness – we aim to offer our Investor Community something they cannot get anywhere else; and
  • Economics – favorable terms offered to members of our Investor Community in exchange for priority access


Capital Introducers

As a growing investment company, raising investment funds is a key objective for us. Capital introducers that have close relationships to institutions, small and large corporates, private investors including high net-worth individuals and charitable foundations or trusts, are ideal profiles as introducers.

We reward good capital introducers exceptionally well. There is no limit to the level of commissions available for dedicated individuals who produce results. Our goal is to create a platform for capital introducers to exercise their sales and entrepreneurship skills and develop their own income stream for themselves.

Due to our business model characteristics, we favor low volume clients with high volume deposits as opposed to vice versa.

Target Investors

  • Financial institutions;
  • Small to large corporates;
  • High net-worth individuals;
  • Charitable foundations; and
  • Investment clubs.

Luxury Lifestyle Management

We are searching for partners who are experienced in supplying personal services and goods to high net-worth individuals and/or corporates, which may consist of luxury toys yachts, jets, speedboats, snowmobiles, sports cars, hovercrafts, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, or in helping them relocate. Their offering should ideally be innovative and delivered with first-class client service.

Technical Skills

  • Luxury travel packages;
  • Luxury toys including yachts and sports cars;
  • Relocation services;
  • Smart tech including AI and AR;
  • Unique experiences and entertainment; and
  • Health and beauty.

Professional Services

All good investment ventures require thorough planning and precise execution. For certain investments, complementary advisory work is needed to ensure the greatest returns are extracted efficiently and legally.

We want to partner with talented companies that are able to meet the needs of our clients effectively. You will receive priority access to requests from our investor base in return for preferential rates. We want to ensure that you have a steady pipeline of work in return for your commitment.

Expertise We Look For

  • Offshore company and bank account formation;
  • Immigration services;
  • Tax planning – corporation and personal taxation;
  • Inheritance and estate planning;
  • Commercial and contract law; and
  • Fund administration services

Our Commitment to You

Community members benefit from being part of a vetted group of like-minded individuals with access to premium resources, cutting-edge technology, and global opportunities.


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