Brand Guidelines

How to Use the Vaulltix Brand as a Partner

Vaulltix Brand

As partners, which includes but not limited to sales agents, marketers, service providers, supporters, and event organizers, you may at times wish to use the Vaulltix brand assets such as our brand logo on your digital or print materials. This page outlines the requirements, limitations and other details to ensure that the brand remains correctly represented.

Use of the term “Vaulltix” in such a way as to imply an event, activity, or communication or otherwise has been endorsed by Vaulltix is strictly prohibited. Written consent should be sought by writing to us prior to any such usage.

After Obtaining Consent, How Can I Use The Brand?

As a partner, we welcome your use of our brand assets in your emails and on websites. You can download the member logo as a .png or vector graphic. When using the Vaulltix logo, please adhere to dimension and placement guidelines located in the brand style guide below.

Our Commitment to You

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