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Bringing tradition and
technology together

Vaulltix combines traditional asset management fundamental  with easy-to-use technologies.  Our tools allow seamless integration, placement and monitoring of your investments , whiles harnessing private permission-based blockchain and distributed ledgers to balance risk and build long term wealth.


Simple. Secure. Efficient.


Easy-to-Use Tools

  • Information – that is easy to find and understand.
  • Intuitive – Apps designed to be easily used.
  • Convenience – accessible from desktop to mobile.

Peace of Mind

Vaulltix technology offers peace of mind through intuitive and meaningful notifications, automated and scheduled tasks, improving communication and accessibility, and increasing security.


Risk is different for everyone. We help you find the right balance of risk and return through a variety of investments that meet your personal portfolio risk tolerance.

Versatile API Capability

Vaulltix API’s  allow seamlessly integrate into technology driven funds, financial trading platforms, payment rails, banks, exchanges, market places, REITs, insurance and investment brokerages.


*Note that the specific financial institutions utilized by Vaulltix GmbH can vary depending on the type of assets,  investment strategies, risk, regulation or jurisdiction.

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Our Commitment to You

Vaulltix is a team of like minded individuals , Committed to keeping our members information secure and confidential, while providing access to premium resources,  cutting-edge technology, and global investment opportunities.


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