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How It Works

The Vaulltix platform acts as a commercial broker, facilitating the buying and selling of products and services between two parties.

  1. Buyers and sellers come together on the Vaulltix platform.
  2. Vaulltix facilitates the business relationship and acts as a commercial escrow-like service.
  3. Buyers issue invoices, sellers ship products, and invoices are paid. All with the assistance and guidance of Vaulltix.

Have a dispute? Vaulltix Dispute Resolution is here to help.


Simple. Secure. Fast. Efficient.


Digital Security Tools

  • Set up buyer and seller relationships and utilize smart contracts
  • Upload documents, contracts, and agreements
  • All buyer and seller funds are secured through the Vaulltix system
  • Funds are released once contract terms are met

Direct Invoicing

  • Buyers and sellers can generate and send invoices
  • View invoices on both buyer and seller client sides

Dispute Resolution

  • Contract disputes can be resolved through dispute resolution
  • All disputes are resolved through professional arbitration
  • Deposited funds are safeguarded during the resolution process

Versatile API Capability

  • The Vaulltix API seamlessly integrates into any business model
  • Payouts can be automatically sent directly from internal systems

Ethics & Integrity

At Vaulltix we work hard to meet all local and global regulatory standards. We recognize and appreciate the safeguards these frameworks provide for our clients. Vaulltix is a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) member of the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF, membership no. 100208) based in Switzerland. VQF is an official FINMA-recognized SRO pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) since 1998.

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